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Clover in St. Augustine

1. Q. What is the best thing to use to get rid of clover in my St. Augustine lawn. Last year I sprayed with a "clover killer" and killed my lawn enough that I had to re-sod where the the clover had been. This year it came back bigger and greener.

A. The best thing to get rid of clover in St. Augustine is a "clover killer" such as Ortho Weed and Clover Killer or any contact herbicide which has label instructions for use on St. Augustine grass. If label instructions are followed, the herbicide cannot and will not kill the turf. Remember that clover is a re-seeding winter annual and WILL NOT or CAN NOT re-seed and compete in a healthy, thick turf. Granted, if clover is allowed to grow and cover a turf area it can shade-out the desired grass. Clover can also damage and delay bermuda grass green-up in the spring if allowed to cover. If you are worried about herbicide damage to the area, regular mowing will remove the clover and avoid the damaging competition. Mow often enough to avoid clover seed formation, especially in the spring.

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