Statewide Watermelon Trial Generalized Protocol


Randomized complete block
Minimum of 3 replicates / entry
Minimum of 5 plants / rep / entry
5-10' in-row spacing between entries within a row
Establishment: Transplants
Culture: Drip Irrigation
Black Plastic Mulch
2.5' - 3' in-row plant spacing depending upon available equipment
Fertilizer:  Application rates based on soil tests or growers practice where appropriate
Plot Layout:
Alternating beds of triploids and diploids - OR - Random mix of triploids and diploids planted in a serpentine fashion through out the field at the discretion of the cooperator
Control Varieties:
Diploid = Royal Sweet, Summer Flavor 800
Triploid = Tri X 313, Summer Sweet 5244 
One or more harvest depending upon labor availability at each location 
Fruit Graded:
According to size:
>30 lbs / fruit
25-30 lbs / fruit
20-25 lbs / fruit
15-20 lbs / fruit
10-15 lbs / fruit (triploids and one seeded variety)
5 - 9 lbs / fruit (culls)
Culls = undersized or blemished fruit 
Minimum Data:
Number and weight / fruit grade
Disease and insect problems if any
Predominant cull class 
Photo Credits:
Dr. Juan Anciso 
Data Compilation:
Juan Daniel Vargas and Bubba Lamolinare