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Iberis umbellata (Brassicaceae)

A robust perennial, behaving in some areas as an annual. Native to Europe, it has adapted to all regions of the United States. This low, bushy plant produces mounds of beautiful ice-white, pink or lilac flowers which last well into the summer months. Prefers a gravelly, well-drained soil in full sun. Candytuft cannot tolerate damp soil conditions or shade.

Average planting success with this species: 70%
Height: 12-18 inches
Germination: 20-30 days
Optimum soil temperature for germination: 68-80F
Sowing depth: 1/16"
Blooming period: June-September
Average seeds per pound: 200,000
Seeding rate: 15 lbs. per acre
Suggested use: Borders, rock gardens, mixtures.
Miscellaneous: After blooms have faded cut back the foliage to prevent the plants from becoming woody.