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Dense Blazing Star
Liatris spicata (Asteraceae)

An erect perennial native to the eastern United States extending as far south as Louisiana. The stiff, cylindrical spike is heavily concentrated with deep rose-purple flowers. The blooms begin to open from the terminal end of the spike and slowly descend toward the base. Prefers a moist, well-drained, fertile soil in full sun. Must be patient, may take two to three years to become established from seed.

Average planting success with this species: 50%
Height: 2-6 feet
Germination: 20-45 days
Optimum soil temperature for germination: 60-75F
Sowing depth: 1/8"
Blooming period: June-September
Average seeds per pound: 138,000
Seeding rate: 10 lbs. per acre
Suggested use: Accent along fence lines, cut flower gardens.
Miscellaneous: The bulb of the plant can be transplanted for first year flowers. Has a vase life of 6 to 10 days. Excellent dried flower.