GROWING WILDFLOWERS SUCCESSFULLY is not difficult, but it does require detailed knowledge of the conditions that favor their establishment and growth. The information presented below was accumulated by WILDSEED FARMS on the basis of years of experience in helping others grow beautiful wildflower plantings.

Starting Wildflowers from Seed
Annual, Perennial, Biennial?
Use of Range Maps
Use of Seedling Images
How Much Sunlight is Needed?
Fertilization of Wildflowers
Seed Germination
Weed Control
Site Considerations
When To Plant Wildflowers
Hardiness Zone Map for Wildflowers
How To Plant Wildflowers
Watering of Wildflowers
Grass Control in Wildflowers
Seasonal Regrowth of Wildflowers
Storage of Wildflower Seeds
Factors Affecting Sucessful Establishment of Wildflower Plantings
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