Starting Your Wildflowers From Seed

Wildflowers are becoming an increasingly popular landscape alternative by adding color and natural beauty to any area. Unlike the typical European-style formal gardens of straight lines, square corners and manicured edges, wildflower gardens have the appeal of low maintenance by requiring little water and reduced mowing frequency once established.

There is a common misconception today that wildflowers are easily grown from
seed. Indeed, some species require little more effort than casting the seed on the soil and waiting for growth. Most wildflowers, however, require specific soil and temperature conditions, a certain degree of ongoing personal attention and most of all, patience. We have tried to assist you in your wildflower selection by labeling each species with an average "planting success" rate on a scale of 10% to 100%. Wildflower species with a lower percentage ratio may require more of your time and attention, but will be well worth your effort. Additional information about the temperament of each species in included within the description.

Unlike ornamental flower or vegetable seeds, most of the wildflower seeds have not been genetically altered to achieve specific traits such as rapid germination, height, color or adaptation to specific soil types or climates. Each species has been tested for purity and germination by an independent laboratory and meets our high standard of quality before we make the seed available to you for planting.

As wildflower enthusiasts, we want to produce in two to three years a display of color to match that which has taken Mother Nature hundreds of years to achieve. Nature plays an important role in the success or failure of all wildflower plantings. Adverse weather conditions such as drought, hail, or excessive rainfall-obviously beyond human control-may seriously affect the success of your wildflowers. Soil or drainage problems in your planting area may also hamper germination of your seeds; interpretation of the best possible planting area is the customeršs responsibility.

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