Proper site evaluation and soil preparation are the first defenses against the competition of unwanted weeds in your wildflower site.

Before planting, assess the current weed population existing within the area. If the site contains an overabundance of weeds, which is usually the case in low-lying or run-off areas where water occasionally stands, we highly recommend that an alternate site be selected. For best results, choose an area that is elevated with adequate drainage.

A site which is well drained should have a limited population of existing weeds. To remove the existing weeds from the site, you have the option to treat the entire area with a nonselective herbicide such as RoundupTM* or remove the weeds by hand. After the area is cleared of as many weeds as possible, soil preparation can begin.

Remember that thousands of buried weed seeds lie dormant beneath the soil, ready to germinate if the ground is disturbed too deeply. Extensive rototilling, disking or plowing the soil greater than one inch in depth will release the dormant weed seed found within the sub -soil. Improper soil preparation can create an uncontrollable weed problem in your wildflower area that could have been avoided.

As your wildflowers germinate and grow, periodically hand pull any weeds that may have come up since planting. Weeding should be minimal if the area was prepared properly.

Weeds are an inevitable part of gardening and they should be expected. A little planning and prevention maintenance in combination with proper site selection and soil preparation will greatly reduce the competition of unwanted weeds within your wildflowers.

*Follow the manufacturer's label recommendations for proper application.

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